Avoiding an Insurance Claim this Winter Season

Once the snowflakes start falling, winter is inevitable. However, as much as we may find a winter wonderland whimsical, this is the season to be careful. According to one of the largest insurance and financial organizations inCanada, snow-laden roads are a huge contributor that results in tragic accidents. Hence, if there is a soar in accidents, there will also be a huge increase in car insurance claims.

TD Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance and financial companies inCanada. And, according to their data, an increase in car insurance claims during the snowy season is not unusual.

While the best probable solution in avoiding car accidents during this season is to stop driving altogether, it isn’t quite an option. Many people brave the roads everyday to go to their jobs and they have started to get creative in their driving. When the windows start steaming up, they use their coats to clear up the windshield. However, are these creative driving tactics the best strategy?

The Vice-President and Chief Underwriter of TD Insurance, Henry Blumenthal, have given out some tips to motorists who constantly brave the chilling weather. With the awareness of how to weather the most piercing of winter storms, motorists can avoid making unwanted insurance claims.

According to Henry Blumenthal, there are three basic steps to follow. These are to prepare an emergency driving kit, purchasing winter tyres and to always be prepared.

Prepare an Emergency Kit – Since the winter season can bring down tons of snow, an emergency kit should be assembled. Part of this kit must be a snow shovel, snow brush, booster cables and window scraper. Also, candles, matches, blanket and an extra coat must be prepared. In addition to this, kitty litter is also a good alternative if ever there is a scarcity of road salt.

Winter Tyres are Vital – winter tyres may be expensive but high quality and well inflated winter tyres are capable of giving your car a better traction against snow-laden roads. Also, winter tyres can also help you be more fuel efficient. It is important to check the tyre pressure frequently especially before going for a drive.

Bracing up against the Season – Road conditions must always be checked and verified. This way when you are about to head out on the highway you would know which routes to avoid and which roads to utilize. With these three basic steps, you are ready for the worst the winter season has to offer. Not to mention saving on your insurance premium because of an unanticipated accident claim.

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