Too Many Motorists Log In to Facebook says Car Insurance Company

Car Insurance CompanyAccording to recently gathered data, there were almost 180,000 British motorists who were fined with penalties in 2010 and 2011. And all of these driving penalties were counts on driving while using their mobile phones. This particular number is twice more than the 74,000 driving offences committed when the drive-and-text- ban was first commenced. These statistics were gained from 43 forces acrossEnglandandWalesand was revealed today by the Freedom on Information organization.

In 2004, the first ever driving and texting (calling) ban was first set. This ban was a result of numerous accidents that were caused by driver’s using their mobile phones. Since mobile phones can distract a driver from looking at the road, a lot of accidents have occurred due to this slight carelessness. One major highlight that car insurance companies implied was the fact that a driver who texts and calls while driving is not only increasing their own risk, they were also creating a more dangerous place for other motorists to drive.

In addition to this information, another survey stated that over 7 million motorists were estimated to have used their mobile phones while driving during the last 7 months. This estimation would mean that 1 million drivers use their mobile phones to text, call or to surf the internet while driving per month. These numbers have been based on a number of researches that were gathered by a particular car insurance company in lieu of this report.

If all of these surveys will be gathered together, it would be clear that only a small number of motorists are caught driving and texting. With mobile phones now bragging internet compatibility, 3g technology and other impressive capabilities, it is not surprising to observe motorists using their mobiles while driving. Also, social networks like Facebook and Twitter do not help motorists. According to a survey this December, 12 % of motorists aged 18 – 34 admitted to log into their Facebook account or Twitter account while driving. In addition to this, about 94 % of 18-24 year old drivers admit to text while driving while 71 % use their mobiles to make calls while driving.

While this driving habit may seem substantial, it simply has too many risks adjacent to the primary motorist, to other motorists and even to third party passer-bys. Hence, a certain car insurance company is trying to urge the government to place a heftier fine by the start of New Year (2012). If things will go as planned, motorists will most likely see fines of up to £ 100 implemented.

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