Car Insurance Industry Accepts the Help of the British Government

Car Insurance IndustryWith unstoppable car insurance premiums rising concurrently, it is just about time for the government to interfere and help ease out the situation for British drivers. However, Prime Minister David Cameron did not enter the picture because of the mere costs of car insurance coverages. After the UK was dubbed the ‘Whiplash Capital of Europe’, insurance company heads and pertinent people in office were called upon for a car insurance summit that will discuss and evaluate the overall situation regarding whiplash injury claims.

According to a recent release on 20 February, the car insurance summit took place at Downing Street. And aside from talks on issues regarding bogus whiplash claims, the rising costs of car insurance were also tackled. With a 30 % increase in car insurance payments over the last three years, it is just about time for the government to butt in.

One of the pertinent people in office who were present at the car insurance summit was Justine Greening, UK Transport Secretary. According to the secretary of transport, “With the excessive number of whiplash claims made on a daily basis, the UK is surely the whiplash capital of Europe”

PM David Cameron, on the other hand, has heatedly discussed the situation within the car insurance industry and had vowed to put a stop to all of these excessive bogus and trivial injury claims within the United Kingdom.

A lot of things were tackled during the car insurance summit at Downing Street. One of the most relevant topics was the issue of too many personal injury cases within the UK. The summit also tried to create solutions so that these numbers would be reduced. If this would be acted out appropriately, then there is a great possibility that the prices of car insurance coverages would then follow. One of the most promising solutions that the summit has come up with is the introduction or establishment of providing legitimate medical records to prove that an injury truly was gained from the collision. However, instead of only supplicating one medical record, two medical certificates were needed.

One particular car insurance expert was quoted saying, “I believe that this summit is a positive move. After all of these solutions would be introduced to the motoring public, it is most likely that ever inflating insurance premiums would eventually be lowered.”

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