Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Motorists Who Are Driving To School or Work

Cheaper Car InsuranceYoung motorists aged 17-24 would be able to pay a lower car insurance premium if the proposal of the Labor Part would push through. The Labor Party has brought forward a proposal to lower premiums for responsible young drivers who are either using their cars for trips to school or to work. According to the Opposition, “It is these staggering costs of car insurance that is driving young motorists off the road”.

In lieu with the proposal, the Labor party suggested car insurance providers to lower their premiums for young drivers if they are only using their vehicles as transportation to their University classes or to their part-time jobs. This is to help the younger generation stay in school or to help them obtain opportunities that would not have been able to receive if they were hindered from traveling.

In response to this proposal, car insurance providers have said that it is a nice notion but they have their doubts as to its practicality.

Car insurance companies have said that the young drivers with high-premiums only reflect the inordinate number of accidents that these drivers are involved in.

According to various statistics, it shows that male drivers under the age of 25 are 500 % more likely to be a participant in a car accident then men who are 5 years older and above.

The Opposition countered that the costs of car insurance premiums, together with the rising costs of transportation, are the main reason why young drivers are held back.

They highlighted the fact that by offering cheaper insurance for ‘timely’ journeys to college, university or work; young motorists’ opportunities would not be lost and car insurance companies would be able to prevent the link between car accidents and late night driving. As said by John Woodcock MP, Shadow transport minister, “Car insurance firms have a way to help young motorists by offering them cheaper rates that give them insurance coverage at the same time.”

“With more than one million young people without a job, the barriers that are restricting them from finding one must be removed. Yet the sky high costs of car insurance premiums are making it next to impossible for this younger generation to stay in University and continue their schooling or to find a job.”

As included in the proposal, the Labor party states that cheaper insurance rates must be combined with road awareness seminars and safety courses for young motorists.

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